The Dialogue of the Late Afternoon by Naguib Mahfouz

In my first post, I thought I would share a simple yet thought-provoking short story by Naguib Mahfouz.

He is our neighbor-and what a fine neighborhood, what a splendid neighbor!
In the late afternoon he sits cross-legged on a couch in front of the door, enveloped in his cloak.
Thus the square achieves its full majesty and the trees their full beauty. When the sky bids farewell to the last kite, his three sons return from their work. On the evening before traveling to the Pilgrimage, he looked into their faces and asked, “What do you say after what has happened?”
The eldest answered, “There is no hope without the law.
The middle one answered, “There is no life without love.”
The youngest answered, “Justice is the basis of the law and of love.”

The father smiled and said, “It is necessary to have a certain amount of anarchy in order for the unmindful to awake from his state of indifference.”

The brothers exchanged a long look, then said in one breath, “You are always right.”

The Dialogue of Late Afternoon by Naguib Mahfouz excerpt from “Echoes of an Autobiography”

AND I will close with a quote from Sunrise and Sunset by Naguib Mahfouz:

“He would talk, and the listener would find wisdom in the words he understood and poetry in what he did not.”

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